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There has never been an ideal time to be a studentpreneur than when you are in school. Although a lot of people have dropped out of school to launch their personal business, this is an uncertain attempt that ought to be well planned and taken very serious. There are countless individuals who have dropped out of school to start their own business and succeeded. However, the funny thing about these young entrepreneurs is that their companies do not employ college dropout.
Instead of being a school dropout and risking it all, why not begin a part-time business while you are still a full-time student? This is a perfect way to try out entrepreneurship on a smaller scale. A good number of students more than ever before are launching their personal businesses while still in school, becoming young entrepreneurs. These young entrepreneurs are classified as studentpreneur.
Consider the case of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, the young studentpreneur who right from age 6, began to earn money by creating  their personal business called Franchise Mall.
Peluang Usaha Kuliner Franchise Mall - Bakso Kaget
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista
Presently, Franchise Mall has become a food chain business around the world. All of that because  Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista’s creativity make Franchise Mall becomes an unique Business Model. One is their cartoon characters that always show up in every product they create.
This is very interesting, only a simple idea to put a cartoon characters into their product have drawn many investors that want to cooperation with them to license their cartoon characters. No wonder they become millionaires studentpreneur
These 11-year old siblings, started off their business with the help from their parents at the age of 6, and are both now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Franchise Mall Group. These award-wining kids are smart and intelligent, and have the right skills needed to successfully run their business.
Having said all, below are some outstanding business ideas you can make use of to become a millionaire studentpreneur

Offer coaching services
Among the best wages a college student can earn is to work as a tutor. Despite the fact that the majority of jobs on campus pay approximately $8/hour, coaching charges range between $30-$50/hour. You could start the business by doing the tutoring yourself, which is a good start or you employ your friends to do the coaching, and match them with kids who need help while you deduct your percentage. You can even set a flat fee you will be collecting each time you make a match. In that way, you have created your own coaching business.
To get customers, consult with counsellors and professors at local high schools. Create website page and drive leads to it.  Endeavour to ask for recommendations from family, friends and happy customers. Before you know it, you can offer incredible value to the neighbourhood.

Sell second-hand textbooks
A lot of college campuses have a book store with highly-inflated prices, and intelligent students now purchase used textbooks. Immediately you have a used-textbook, it is very simple to sell. You can sell it on amazon.com or half.com.

Party or club promoter
Tell me who does not like partying? Everybody does! We go to parties, hot girls, dancing and usually having a great time. Therefore, why not provide them that service as a studentpreneur? Approach a local club owner near your school, and see if you will be allowed to regularly host a party on an off-night. Negotiate a deal with the manager or club owner, issue out tickets at reasonable prices, give some incentives and spread the word with the use of flyers as well as web 2.0 techniques.
Several businesses are available for you to start as a young entrepreneur. Begin by brainstorming and keeping a record with your ideas. Before you know it, you are on your way to becoming a millionaire Studentpreneur.

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Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista : Success In School = Success In Life

Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista

Success In School = Success In Life

Peluang Usaha Baru Franchise Mall
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista
Although academic qualifications are commonly felt to give the best chance of success in life, that is not the case of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, award-winning teenage millionaire entrepreneurs, who right from age 6, began to earn money by creating different licensed cartoon characters, multimedia, food franchise mall that help to enhance the uniqueness and the beauty of their products.
Success in school is obviously the primary route to doing well at life. A few things always impact a child’s future as much as how well they perform in school. And even though a child’s education will shape their future success, it also plays a huge role in how they feel today.
A child’s experience with and in school affects quite a number of their aspects of well being, including the self image and relationships of the child with other kids and adults.
These 11-year old millionaire entrepreneurs of Franchise Mall Group, Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, started off their business with the help from their parents at the age of 6, and are both now the Chief Marketing Officer  and the Chief Financial Officer  for Franchise Mall Group.
These award-wining kids are smart and intelligent, and have the right skills needed to run the business. They have also developed their business quite well and now, aim to serve globally.
Peluang Usaha Baru Kuliner Franchise Mall
Animation Show Project

We all want our kids to do well in school and later in life. By following the tips below, you can equip your child to perform at their very best.
Proper Nutrition
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, what is eaten for breakfast is equally as important. Make sure you stay away from sugary cereals. Although the abrupt increase of sugar levels may at first render your child perky, it will not be long before those blood sugar levels plummet, leaving your child feeling lethargic.
Commune With Your Child Every day
Talking with your child with regards to their day will give you understanding on what constitutes a standard day for them. If a problem does arise, you will be more likely to pick up on it quickly. Being young entrepreneur and millionaire, the intimacy Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista have with their parent really help them in becoming successful.
Get Involved
Getting involved shows your child that their education is essential to you, which experts claim will make it worthwhile to them. Most schools welcome parent volunteers, all you have to do is ask.
Therefore as a guardian or parent, you need to make school and your kid’s education a priority for yourself as well as for the child. By so doing, you are already placing them on the path to be successful in life.

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The Washington Journal May 2016 : Kidpreneurs – Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista

Kidpreneurs – Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista

Written By : The Washington Journal

Is it possible for you to become a millionaire before you turn into 20s?
There are people who have become millionaires when they were kids.

Usaha Franchise Peluang Baru Kuliner Bakso
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista are perfect examples to prove the above mentioned fact.
They have started a Franchise Mall Group and an animation studio,
which became successful within a short period of time because of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista uniqueness idea when creating a products. 
As a result, they got the opportunity to become the young kidpreneurs of the world.

Peluang Usaha Makanan Kuliner Bakso
Animation Show Project

Becoming a millionaire in kid ages cannot be considered as an easy thing to do.
Becoming a successful kidpreneurs can be considered as one of the most convenient methods available out there for the kids to become millionaires.
However, they need to keep several important facts in their minds to reach success without any hassle.

Goal setting can be considered as one of the popular secrets behind successful kidpreneurs.
Kids who are looking forward to become successful kidpreneurs should therefore think about setting up realistic goals. The goals should be fixed as concrete as well. In other words, you should not let external factors keep you away from reaching the goals.

It is extremely important for all the kids to pay special attention towards their education before they become millionaires. It is true that you can find a lot of millionaires who did not complete their study / school.
However, the chances of reaching your financial goals without a good education are extremely low. In fact, when you engage with higher studies, you will be able to unlock more and more opportunities. This can increase your chances of becoming a millionaire as well.

Health can be considered as one of the most precious gifts that a person can have.
Unfortunately, most of the kids who are looking forward to be millionaires do not pay enough attention towards their health.
Instead, they tend to stay overnight focusing on their money making methods.

You will need to take a balanced meal and engage with regular exercises while focusing on your financial goals.  The health can offer all the resources and energy that is required to achieve your goals.
Kids who dream about becoming millionaires should be tenacious as well.  You will not be able to become a millionaire overnight. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that your success depends on your ability to get up after failures. In fact, you learn from the mistakes that you do. If you are afraid of failures, you will never be able to become a millionaire within a short period of time.

In addition, you will need to have a look at your self-confidence as well.
Self-confidence and self-esteem can definitely help kidpreneurs on their ways.

All the kids who are looking to become millionaires should seek the assistance of a mentor as well. It would be better to surround yourself among millionaires. Then you will be able to learn some effective secrets, which you cannot learn from anywhere else.

The Vegas Times May 2016 : How Teens Can Become Millionaires

There have never been more young millionaires in history than 
we have today and the trick is to start doing something as soon as possible.
Contrary to popular opinion, 
some teen do understand what they want and they keep working towards it.

As a case study,  
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista award-winning young entrepreneur , right from age 6, 
began to earn money by creating different cartoon characters that help to enhance the uniqueness and the beauty of their products.

Peluang Baru Usaha Makanan Franchise Mall
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista
Becoming millionaire is in particular easier for teens and 
they can learn how to easily become millionaires in record time, 
should they understand how, from an early age.

While they were young, the 11-years old entrepreneur of Franchise Mall Group, 
Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, started off their business with the help 
from their parents at the age of 6. 

They are both now the Chief Marketing Officer and 
the Chief Financial Officer for Franchise Mall Group.

These award-wining kids are smart and intelligent, 
also have the right skills needed to run the business. 
They have also developed their business quite well and now, aim to serve globally.
For teens to become a millionaire, they need to:

Change their mindset:

It will be difficult for teen to be millionaire unless their mindset is first dealt with. 
They need to change their mindset from one of poverty and scarcity to millionaire, 
and this begins by feeding their mind with prosperous images. 

Learn to invest:

Investing is very easier than you think. 
As a teen, you need to put the power of compound interest to work.

Although you may be an average student, you can still be a genius by always putting a little aside. Once you have the money to invest, you need to be educated and you can as well choose a financial adviser to teach you. 

Examine your self-confidence:

If your self confidence is low, this is the time to build it up. 
Good self-confidence and High self-esteem are very important traits to assist you on your way. However, do not let this hold you down. You can assume to have it until you make it.

The more you put your confidence into practice, the sooner it becomes part of you.
Be taught not to touch their investments:

Teen should learn not to touch their investments until it is a million or more. With this, they can retire and live off the principal. The million left untouched can support them for many years.

If the investment grows at 15%, they can live off 10%, and reinvest 5% of the interest.

The beauty of living a financial life is teaching our teens how they can become millionaires and be financially independent. Let us encourage them on what they love while they live a life of integrity. Also, they need to surround themselves with already-made millionaires, find a relevant mentor and seek advice.

Usaha Franchise Peluang Baru Bisnis Makanan Bakso
Animation Show Project

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Americas Great Deal News 2016 : Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs – An Extremely Inspirational Story

By : Americas Great Deals

Hi friends,
once again I have brought to you a new business, 
in our series of introducing you to the world’s most remarkable businesses, 
in terms of the owner's struggle, success within short terms, hard work, obstacles these great business persons overcame, and many other factors. 

But none of them was as unique as the business persons that I am going to talk about today. 
This is because our today’s heroes started their business at the age of 6! 
Got a shock? 
But it’s an absolute fact. 
These are Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista – a brother and sister team – the young owners of Franchise Mall
one of the most successful businesses in the world!

Peluang Baru Usaha Franchise Makanan Kuliner Bakso Kaget
CMO & CFO Franchise Mall

The Story of Two Amazing Young Entrepreneurs

Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista started their business when they were as young as 6 years. 
They got help from their parents who created a company for them named Franchise Mall Group in 2004. 
Their mother, Dr. Megumi Sachiko, owner of Rainbow International, 
The Holding Group Company, gave them valuable guidance to run the business. 

And in the past 12 years, the company has gained an unmatched reputation and a name for itself because of the reliability that comes along with their great products. 
Today, both the kids are designated as the Chief Marketing Office (CMO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Franchise Mall Group.

Franchise Peluang Baru Kuliner Bakso
Franchise Mall

Franchise Mall Group

Franchise Mall Group is an extremely successful food franchise. 
The specialty of their food items is their unique and beautiful wrappers in the form of various own cartoon characters like Barbie, Minions, Disney characters and many more. This was a brilliant idea and of course, 
it earned the kids quite well since the beginning of the company, because their designs were and are so matchless!

Franchise Peluang Usaha Baru Kuliner Makanan Bakso
Scratch of "Parfait" Character

Understanding the Importance of Hard Work

What is so amazing about these kids is their hard work while still being so young! 
They are of course well off, as their parents are successful businesspersons. Despite being born with a silver spoon in the mouth,
the kids know the importance of hard work and apply the same to make their business more and more successful.

Starting a company and making it globally successful at such a young age is not a piece of cake. 
These kids are of course extraordinarily brilliant, intelligent and smart, and they have just the right skills and abilities to operate a business and take it to a global level. 
With their great ideas and hard work, 
they are sure to become millionaires soon! 
Their outstanding talent has earned them several prestigious awards every year of their career as businesspersons, including Franchise and Business Opportunity Best Seller Award, Franchise and Business Best Choice Investor Award, Franchise and Business Best Quality Award and many more.

No All Work and No Play

The kids as you might think are not always working. 
They study at Temasek International School, hang out with the friends of their age and play a lot. 
But at the same time, they also attend business meetings, meet clients and do other business-related activities!

I am sure, 
this story is extremely inspirational for you and you would soon start planning to get success like them. 
You can even join them and grow! 
Visit their website to know more.

Get Wealthy News 2016 : Make money by investing in the food Franchise Mall

Make money 

by Investing In The Food Franchise Mall

By : Get Wealthy News 

Food business is one of the most stable and high growth investments which can ensure steady and regular income for you. 
In worldwide, Joe clarence & Jocelyn calista are offering you with a golden opportunity to invest in their franchise mall store and make some steady income for yourself. 
The franchise store is one of the highly reputed food business companies that was established in 2004 and has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. 
Peluang Usaha Kuliner Makanan Bakso Kaget
Franchise Mall 
Here are the advantages of working with the store as a business partner:
Work with a reliable brand:
The first and foremost thing is the history of the store that makes it reliable that can have positive impact on your sales and thus ensures good income opportunity for you as well. 
Various customers care too much about the brand repo and thus by owing a franchise store. You can easily lure those clients and make things smoother and uncomplicated for your business project. 
As a young entrepreneur, you may struggle to make a name for yourself and by partnering with a known commodity; you seem to be very easily on the right track for expanding your business.

Innovative marketing techniques:
The Franchisemall was one of the quickest brands to have a business of over 1 million and the reason that the owners are millionaire is the marketing approach of the company. 
They make use of the animated characters for the promotion of their campaign which appeals very soundly to the children and the adults are also attracted by these exotic packing style.
This technique has helped them to starve off the competition from various other food brands to become one of the leading retailers in the food business and by partnering with them; you can also ensure rapid growth for yourself.

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London News Journal May 2016 : Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista Millionaires Teenagers Entrepreneur

Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista 
Millionaires Teenagers Entrepreneur

By : London News Journal

Young Entrepreneurs of Franchise Mall - Kingdom Of Meatball
London News Journal

Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista became youngest millionaires
by creating an animation studio and Franchise Mall Group.
Franchise Mall Group is a start-up that they created since 2004.

It started from the scratch paper and from experiences day by day, 
following their Mother wherever she goes when doing business.

From the hobby like to eat and taste food, 
they have idea to make an unique foods and brand becomes famous.
The world wide Chain Stores and Licensed Charatercs belonging to Franchise Mall Group 
place Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista as a Youngest Millionaires.

How to Become a Millionaire like them :
1. Set yourself concrete goals.
Good preparation is an absolute necessity when it comes to endeavors 
as big as becoming a millionaire.
And it all starts with giving yourself concrete, measurable goals that you can keep your eyes on.

2. Get a good education.
Although there are a number of examples of millionaires and billionaires who never completed college, statistics show a link between education and wealth.
The higher your level of education, the more opportunities are unlocked for you, and the higher the chance that you will become a millionaire.

3. Take care of your health.
Making money and making good decisions that create more money in your life 
require you are in a good shape.
Keep fit, eat well, and take a good care of your body.
It is your health that will provide you with the energy and resources needed to keep going on the commitment to becoming a millionaire.

4. Be tenacious.

Success requires an ability to keep getting up after failures.
There will be plenty of failures as you try to find the best ways to make a million or more.
This isn’t about the safety net of an average salary and the boss’s orders being met each day.
To become a millionaire, you have to be prepared to make decisions that won’t always succeed but if the risks aren’t taken, then the potential for success won’t be realized either.

5. Check your self-confidence.

If it’s low, now is the time to build it up.
High self-esteem and good self-confidence are essential traits to help you on your way. 
However, don’t let this delay you.
You can fake it until you make it and the more you practice being confident, 
the sooner it becomes a part of who you are.

6. Read the advice of those who’ve made it.

Benefiting from the wisdom of the successful can never hurt,
but be careful not to get caught up in the planning and preparing stage.
The most important step is taking action.
However, do spend some time reading other millionaires’ advice.

7. Find a mentor who has walked the way and seek advice.
Surround yourself with already-made millionaires.
They can be found in several places,
there’s even a private online club where you can have a millionaire mentor personally show you how to make money in many areas.

Anything can happen with a great idea, hard work, and creativity.
These teens are living proof. There is no minimum age to become a milionaire

For more information visit the site : http://www.franchisemall.co.uk/